Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks LCC

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2017 Request for Statements of Interest Targeting Species-Habitat Relationship Models

The Gulf Coastal Plains & Ozarks Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GCPO LCC) is a non-regulatory conservation partnership comprised of private, state, and federal organizations and agencies that have come together to collectively define, design, and deliver landscapes capable of sustaining natural and cultural resources at desired levels now and into the future. Additional information is available at

Summary of Request: In 2017 the GCPO LCC is soliciting Statements of Interest (SOIs) to identify potential investigators for one or more projects addressing the LCC’s need for models of species-habitat relationships. Funding for projects will be contingent upon sufficient appropriations. Based on past years, we expect approximately $200,000 to be available for filling this science need. Projects will be ranked by the GCPO LCC’s technical Adaptation Science Management Team and, once available funding has been determined, the PIs for top-ranked SOIs will be asked to submit a full proposal and detailed budget.

Statements of Interest Format: Statements of Interest must include the scope, methods and general budget for the proposed research project and must not exceed a total of two (2) pages. Please submit documents in PDF format.

Statements of Interest due: March 31, 2017

Download the Request for Statements of Interest