Mississippi State University Carnivore Ecology Laboratory

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Clover TrapLive-capture of study animals
Capture deer during winter using netted “clover” traps. Capture black bears, bobcats, coyotes, and gray wolves using several types of live-traps.

Tracking CollarRadio-telemetry and Global Positioning System (GPS) collars
Place tracking collars on does and fawns to monitor survival. Place collars with built-in GPS on predators to track their movements and identify kill sites.

FawnFawn searching
Conduct team searches for new-born fawns and fawn predation sites during spring.

Habitat measurements
Measure vegetation around fawn birth sites and areas of deer and predator use.

Winter weather
Maintain a weather station to determine the affect of winter severity on deer and predators.

Deer health evaluations
Measure rump fat of captured deer using ultrasound; measure femur fat of road-killed deer.

Deer in Winter